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Water Damage

If your phone got wet and won’t turn on, we can help. We offer a water damage repair service for iPhones. However, there is no guarantee that will will be able to get your phone working properly again depending on how extensive the damage is.

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iPhone Pricing

  • Battery replacement $55
  • Charge port replacement $55
  • Speaker and camera replacement $55
  • Head phone jack replacement $55
  • Home button repair $55
  • Water damage $55
  • Screen and LCD replacement $29 (iPhone 4/4s)
  • Screen and LCD replacement $39 (iPhone 5/5c/5s)
  • Screen and LCD replacement $49 (iPhone 6/6plus)
  • Screen and LCD replacement $49 (iPhone 6s/6s plus)
  • Screen and LCD replacement $59 (iPhone 7/7 Plus)
  • Screen and LCD replacement: Front Glass $69 (iPhone 8/8 Plus)
  • Screen and LCD replacement: Front Glass $169 (iPhone X)
  • Screen and LCD replacement: Back Glass $129 (iPhone X)

iPod & iPad Pricing (All Generations)

  • Screen replacement $89